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Steel Structure Platform

The biggest feature of the modern steel structure platform is a fully assembled structure, flexible design, and can design and manufacture steel structure platforms that meet site requirements, use functional requirements and meet logistics requirements according to different site conditions. It is widely used in modern storage.

Arrangement of platform structure

1. Meet the requirements of process production operations and ensure the headroom of passage and operation. The general net height of passage should not be less than 1.8M, and protective railings should generally be set around the platform, and the height of the railings is generally 1M. When the height of the platform is greater than 2M, a skirting board with a height of 100-150mm should also be set under the protective railing. The platform should be provided with ladders for up and down, and the width of the ladder should not be less than 600mm.

2. When determining the plane size, elevation, beam lattice and column network layout of the platform structure, in addition to meeting the requirements of use, the layout of the beam and column should also consider the location of the equipment load and other large concentrated loads on the platform and the hanging of large-diameter industrial pipelines;

3. The layout of the, platform structure should strive to be economical and reasonable, and the transmission force should be direct and clear. The arrangement of the beam lattice should be adapted to its span. When the span of the beam is large, its spacing should also be increased. Make full use of the allowable span of the paving and arrange the beam lattice reasonably to achieve better economic results.

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