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Through Through Shelf


1. Introduction to through the shelf

Through-type shelves are also known as corridor shelves or drive-in shelves. The through-type shelf adopts pallet access mode, which is suitable for the storage of goods with few varieties and large batches. In addition to the cargo space close to the aisle, because the forklift needs to enter the inside of the shelf to access the goods, it is usually recommended to pick up the goods on one side without more than 7 slots depth. In order to improve the speed of forklift, the guide track can be selected according to the actual needs, compared with the shelf shelf, the warehouse space utilization rate of the through-type shelf (drive-in shelf) can be increased by more than 30%, and the through-type rack (drive-in shelf) is widely used in cold storage and food, tobacco industry.

2. Features of through-type shelves:

1. The cargo storage channel is also a forklift storage and transportation channel, which is a form of shelf with high storage density.

2. It is usually used for the storage of goods with few varieties but large batches and low requirements for cargo picking.

3. Based on the lifting height of ordinary forklifts and the conventional scheme of three layers of goods in the corridor, the effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 100%, compared with the investment cost is controlled and the benefits are significantly improved. From the global storage cost calculation, the investment cost can generally be offset by the benefits of increased storage capacity within three years.

4. The goods follow the first-in-last-out principle, which is applicable to most handling machinery storage and operation industries.


3. Pay special attention

Since through-racks require forklifts to drive into the racks to access goods, the safety of personnel requires special attention.

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