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Attic Type Shelf

Attic shelves often use medium-sized shelf shelves or heavy-duty shelf shelves as the main support plus floor panels (according to the total load weight of the shelf unit to decide which shelves to choose), floor panels usually use cold-rolled steel floor slabs, patterned steel floor slabs or steel grille floor slabs.

1. Product introduction

The loft-type shelf system is to build a middle loft on the existing workplace or shelf, in order to increase storage space, it can be made into two or three floors of lofts, it is advisable to access some light bubbles and small and medium-sized goods, suitable for multi-variety large quantities or multi-variety small batch goods, manual . Goods are usually transported by forklifts, hydraulic lift tables or freight elevators to the second and third floors, and then transported to a certain location by light trolleys or hydraulic pallet trucks.

In recent years, cold-rolled steel floor slabs have been used, which have . strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, flat surface and easy locking There are a variety of types to choose from, and easy to match the lighting system, access and management are more convenient. The load capacity of each floor of the unit shelf is usually within 500kg, the floor spacing is usually 2.2m~2.7m, and the height of the top shelf is generally about 2m, fully considering the convenience of the staff's operation.

The floor design is customized for various installation situations and can be easily assembled on-site without welding. Loft shelf system has many applications in the field of auto parts, automotive 4S shops, light industry, electronics and other industries.

2. Production process

Loft shelves are divided into medium-sized loft shelves and heavy-duty loft shelves.

Medium-sized loft shelf: The shelf base adopts medium-sized shelf columns. The shelf floor slab adopts the special floor slab for attic shelves, and the floor slab adopts an interlocking structure. Erect support beams under the floor slab.

The specifications of medium-sized loft shelf columns are: 60×50×1.5mm or 80*60*2.0 special shelf column profiles. It is made of high-quality strip by opening and flattening, rolling by automatic rolling mill, punching by punching machine, and then cutting according to the height specified by customers. The column bracket and connecting beam sheet are made of high-quality cold plate bending and punching.

The specification of heavy-duty loft shelf column is 90×70×2.0mm special heavy-duty shelf column profile. The beam adopts cold-rolled P-type closed beam, and the specifications are: 50×30, 60×40, 80×50 three specifications. It is a standard product produced exclusively for shelves in the cold forming industry. After repurchase, the material is cut according to the customer's size, the welding shelf is connected to the special column grasp, and the semi-finished product can be formed by grinding.

After the production of all shelf parts, the last shot blasting machine is required to remove oil, rust and surface spray. Once completed, it can be packaged and shipped.

3 features

Loft-type shelves usually have a bearing capacity of 300KG~1000KG/square meter, and the column chooses round pipes with strong bearing capacity and less steel;The main and secondary beams can choose the most economical and reasonable H-beam in steel structure engineering and the special steel platform C-shaped cold-formed beam developed by Funyu according to the bearing needs.

The loft-type shelf floor panel adopts special C-type cold-formed pattern steel plate or openwork plate dedicated to Funyu Company, adopts a gusset structure, and the main and secondary beams are rigidly fixed, and the whole platform structure has strong integrity, and different floor panels can be selected according to actual needs to meet the requirements of fire protection or dust prevention and small pieces falling. The lighting system under the floor can also be configured as required.

Loft-type shelves are widely used in the case of high warehouse, small goods, manual access and large storage capacity, which can make full use of space and save warehouse area. According to the actual site and specific requirements, it can be designed as a single-story or multi-storey loft, generally 2-3 floors. It is especially suitable for the classification and storage of auto parts, electronic devices and other enterprise series products, with a bearing ≤ of 500kg/layer

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