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Drawer Type Shelves


Drawer type shelves, also known as mold shelves, are mainly used to store various mold items; The top can be configured with a mobile hoist car (hand pull or electric), the bottom of the drawer is equipped with a roller track, which can still be pulled freely with a small force after loading, and the positioning safety device is attached, which is safe and reliable; According to the carrying capacity, it can be divided into two types: lightweight type and weight type. Lightweight operation: bearing combination, sliding translation and independent lifting mold device, no need for large driving vehicles and forklifts.

1 drawer shelf

1. The mold holder is safe and reliable: the additional positioning device is safe and reliable to use.

2. Light operation: bearing combination, smooth sliding, and attached independent lifting mold device.

3. Simple structure: assembled by a variety of combined parts, easy to transport, install and disassemble.

4. Save space: Covering an area of only 1.8 square meters, dozens of sets of medium-sized molds can be stored, effectively saving space and facilitating the maintenance and management of molds.

5. It can undertake mold holders with different load-bearing specifications and specifications according to user needs.

6. Color can be customized

7. The load-bearing surface adopts pattern plate, which can increase friction and prevent mold slippage.

8. Modular parts can be assembled in any length.

9. The height of the foot can be adjusted to overcome the unevenness of the site surface. .

3. Shelf characteristics

Three-compartment four-layer standard drawer shelf;

Specification; HEIGHT H2000*D615*L3100MM, EACH CELL LENGTH 888

1. Each drawer board can bear 800-1000KG

2. Overhead crane (driving) bearing 800-1000KG

3. The drawer board can be pulled out by 65%.

4. Safe and reliable additional safety device

5. The operation is light, using bearing combination, sliding balance and attached to independent lifting mold device

6. Save space, covering an area of 1.8 square meters, can store dozens of small and medium-sized molds

7. Simple structure, assembled by a variety of combined parts, easy to disassemble, transport and assemble

Technical parameters of standard drawer shelf:

1. The column adopts 10# channel steel, and the column slash is 25*25 square pass

2. The drawer panel bracket adopts 50*50 angle iron, and the drawer panel adopts 2MM steel plate

3. The chute is made of 4MM steel plate bent

4. The bearing is 6403#

5. Spray paint

6. Color custom color

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