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Gravitational Goods Shelves

Gravity shelf, also known as self-gravity shelf, belongs to heavy-duty shelf, evolved from pallet shelf, suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of similar goods, space utilization is extremely high, gravity shelf depth and number of layers can be determined according to needs.

Gravity shelves belong to the pallet-type storage shelves in storage shelves. Gravity racking adopts the first-in-first-out storage method, and the shelf depth and number of layers can be determined according to demand. Gravity shelves are suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of similar goods, and the space utilization is extremely high.


Gravity shelf

1. Working principle

Gravity shelf, also known as roller rack, belongs to the pallet storage shelf in the storage shelf. Gravity shelf is one of the derivatives of beam shelf, the shelf structure is similar to the beam shelf, but a roller track is installed on the beam, and the track is inclined 3-5°. The palletized goods are transported by forklift to the rack inlet, and using their own weight, the pallet automatically slides from the inlet to the pick-up port at the other end. Gravity racking is a first-in-first-out storage method.

2. Shelf characteristics

1. The goods are deposited from the high end, slide to the low end, and take out from the low end. During the sliding process of the cargo, a damper is set on the slide to control the taxiing speed of the cargo to keep it within a safe range. A separator is provided at the end of the chute shipment, and the handling machinery can smoothly remove the goods at the first plate position.

2. The goods follow the first-in-first-out order. The shelves have high storage density and flexible fit function.

3. Suitable for storage operations with pallets as the carrier, the goods are stacked neatly, providing a better solution for the storage of large and heavy items, the utilization rate of storage space is more than 75%, and only one entry and exit channel is required;

4. The gravity type shelf is very environmentally friendly, all adopt the form of no power, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, and can operate at full load.

There is no working channel between the groups of the shelves, which increases the space utilization rate by 60% and improves the volume ratio of the warehouse; Pallet operation follows the first-in-first-out principle; Automatic storage rotation; The separation of storage and picking greatly increases the output, and since the goods slide by gravity, and there is no operating channel, the number of transport routes and forklifts is reduced


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