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What are the advantages of powder coatings?

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What are the advantages of powder coatings?

The characteristics of powder coating powders.

1. The product is non-toxic, free of solvents, and free of volatile and toxic substances, so there is no pollution, no fire, no emissions of "three wastes" and other public hazards, and it fully meets the requirements of the national environmental protection law.

2. The utilization rate of raw materials is high. The over-sprayed powder produced by some well-known brand powder suppliers can be recycled, and the highest utilization rate can even reach more than 99%.

3. After the pre-treatment of the coated object, one-time construction, without primer coating, can obtain a coating film of sufficient thickness, easy to realize automatic operation, high production efficiency, and cost reduction.

4. Dense coating, good adhesion, impact resistance and toughness, high corner coverage, excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation.

5. The storage and transportation of powder coatings are safe and convenient.

The advantage when compared with the oil paint.

1. High efficiency: because it is a one-time film formation, it can increase productivity by 30-40%

2. Energy-saving: reduce energy consumption by about 30%

3. Less pollution: no organic solvent volatilization (no harmful gases such as toluene and xylene in paint).

4. High paint utilization rate: up to 95% and the powder can be used multiple times after recycling.

5. Good film performance: The film thickness can reach 50-80μm at one time, and its adhesion, corrosion resistance, and other comprehensive indicators are better than the paint process.

6. High yield: before curing, it can be re-sprayed twice. There are many types of powder coating processes, and two common ones are electrostatic spraying and dipping.

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