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Cantilever Shelf


1. Introduction

Cantilever shelves are constructed by installing cantilevers on columns, which can be fixed or mobile. Pipes and plates are stored and used more. According to the carrying capacity, it can be divided into three types: light type, medium type and weight type; According to the structural form, it can be divided into single-sided cantilever shelves and double-sided cantilever shelves.


Illustration of the structure of the cantilever shelf

2. The purpose of the shelf

Cantilever racks are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods.


Diagram of the use of cantilever shelves

3. structural advantages of the shelf

  The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, and the cantilever shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. Cargo access is carried out by forklift, travel or manually.

The height of the cantilever rack is usually within 2.0 meters (up to 5 meters if the goods are accessed by forklift) the cantilever length is within 2.0 meters, and the load per arm is usually within 800KG.

4. Features of the shelf

1. Only suitable for the storage of long strips or long rolls.

2. It is necessary to cooperate with handling equipment with a wide fork pitch, such as a side forklift with a large fork pitch.

3. The shelf height is limited, generally below 6m.

4. Low space utilization, about 35%-50%.

5. Storage type: long strips and long rolls.

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